Emergency First Aid

with CPR and AED


Viva First Aid Vancouver

Emergency First Aid CHILDCARE with CPR and AED


Description:  Emergency Child Care First Aid is a training program that meets the requirements for child care workers in the province of British Columbia.  Through hands-on training, this first aid course will give you confidence to respond effectively in an emergency in a child care setting.

Emergency Child Care First Aid trains rescuers in the skills and knowledge needed to assess and provide basic life support to patients (adult, children and infants) with airway, breathing, or circulatory emergencies as well as a variety of medical emergencies. 

The Lifesaving Society follows the 2010 ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines and includes AED training. This course includes CPR-B certification.


This course is suitable for:

  • parents

  • babysitters

  • daycare staff

  • camp leaders


What you will learn:

  • basic and physiology of cardio-respiratory system

  • how to use protective equipment

  • how to manage bystanders and activate EMS

  • patient assessment: conscious/unconscious

  • how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

  • One and Two rescuer CPR for adult, child, infant

  • Obstructed airway: conscious/unconscious adult, child, infant

How to manage Respiratory emergencies including:

  • asthma

  • hyperventilation

  • anaphylaxis


How to manage Circulatory emergencies including:

  • shock

  • major bleeding

  • heart attack or angina

  • stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)


How to treat:

  • facial injuries

  • burns

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